The Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Association is pleased to announce a Scholarship program for Massachusetts ENA members. The Karen O’Neil Scholarship Fund is available to all Massachusetts ENA members and can be used for ENA sponsored courses such as CEN, TNCC, ENPC, E.N. CARE courses, New England Regional Symposium, chapter, state or nationally sponsored courses.

Each Massachusetts ENA member will be eligible for ONE scholarship per year. The awarding of scholarships will be based on available funding. The amount of the scholarship will be based on a point system, but will not exceed 50% of the cost of the course and course materials. The scholarship award will be given ONLY for the course for which you have submitted the application.

The application must be submitted prior to the course date. You will receive written confirmation of receipt of your application, as well as the date for the application to be reviewed. Applications will be reviewed by the education committee every three months. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified and you will then need to send to us a copy of the course’s CECH certificate in order to receive your check. If for some reason you do not attend the course, please notify us so we may award the scholarship to another member.

The amount of the scholarship award is based on a point system. You must have points in two categories in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship. This system is designed to encourage newer members to apply and receive an award, but also rewards those who devote an exceptional amount of time promoting the speciality of emergency nursing.

  • Category I is called Participation/Activity. This involves your activity within the current calendar year only. As noted on the application form you need to circle those areas in which you have participated. If you are taking points for chapter meetings, you must have your chapter president sign in the appropriate space. If you serve on more than one state committee, please be sure to list the committees and add in the appropriate points. The New Member listing is for a nurse who has joined ENA within the year and has never been a member before.
  • Category II is Professional Development. In this category, please tell us what certifications/verifications you have. Please list the appropriate numbers for each (they will be found on your certification/verification cards).
  • Category III is called Teaching/Education. In this category you need to list any formal lectures/presentations that you have done within the current calendar year only. Please include your involvement as a preceptor/mentor in this category. In this category we also want to know about any articles on emergency nursing that you have had published. These may have been published in JEN, MENU, your local paper or hospital newsletter. Lastly list any involvement in special projects, i.e. the development of or participation in a teddy bear clinic, health screening day, bicycle or gun safety program, or the lobbying of legislators for emergency nursing related bills. Please use the back of the scholarship application for additional space if needed.

This scholarship is a wonderful benefit from the Massachusetts ENA State Council and Education Committee. We encourage your active participation in this program. If you have any questions about this program, you may contact Julie Bunn at

About Karen O’Neill

Karen O’Neil was a Massachusetts ENA member who demonstrated strength, gentleness, excellence, motivation and endurance in the face of adversity. According to her loved ones and friends, Karen (1959-1997) was described as a devoted wife, daughter, sister, mother to Jack & Oscar, tireless emergency nurse, exemplary educator and dear friend. Karen was here too briefly, 38 short years, but she left a legacy that few can match. Her impact on emergency nursing was far reaching. From staff nurse fighting for her patients’ life at the bedside to the political nurse fighting for patient and nurses’ rights at the State House.

Karen was in the forefront. Arming herself with knowledge, she was always diligent in furthering her education. With this in mind, her nursing friends and family, wish to honor her memory and her life by keeping the light of knowledge lit for others by the way of the Karen O’Neil Memorial Endowment.