Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Association Strategic Plan 2020-2022


Community Vision Statement:

Massachusetts ENA is recognized as the authority and premier community for emergency nursing as evidenced by the development and adoption of practice, research, and educational resources.


  1. Build and promote tangible and intrinsic value for emergency nursing community
  2. Engage and support ENA state and chapter components
  3. Collaborate national emergency nursing colleagues
  4. Develop and implement a student outreach plan that introduces students to the emergency nursing specialty
  5. Increase ENA membership to 1000 through creating a compelling recruitment engagement and retention experience
  6. Engage and empower emergency nurses from varied practice settings through Advocacy and expanding collaboration with other emergency care professionals

Governance & Leadership Vision Statement:

Massachusetts ENA provides leadership in emergency healthcare through collaborative partnerships with association stakeholders, healthcare systems, government and regulatory agencies, corporations and patient advocacy groups. 


  1. Provide leadership for strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships, both departmental and community based practice as demonstrated by its evidenced based tools and programs
  2. Lead the profession of emergency nursing beyond task-oriented care to knowledge-based safe practice and safe care
  3. Create a consistent and recognizable brand across all Massachusetts ENA programs, products, and services
  4. Empower Massachusetts ENA talent as an essential component of the ENA brand

Knowledge Vision Statement:

Massachusetts ENA is recognized as the premiere authority for emergency nursing education and practice resources as evidenced by the adoption of its education programs by emergency nurses.


  1. Develop Massachusetts ENA educational programs and resources to actively engage nurses across emergency care settings as well as other healthcare professionals
  2. Enhance quality of Massachusetts ENA products and programs through consistent and rigorous evaluation
  3. Support the generation of new knowledge in emergency nursing through original research, research funding, and collaboration with other partners
  4. Encourage the translation of evidence into nursing practice

Quality and Safety Vision Statement:

Massachusetts ENA defines the gold standard for quality and safety in emergency nursing care.


  1. Support and encourage the practice of using key metrics and procedures to improve quality and safety for emergency nursing care and injury prevention
  2. Promote emergency departments within Massachusetts to strive to achieve the Lantern Award as the exemplar for quality and safety of emergency nursing care
  3. Expand advocacy to include a statewide recognition of Massachusetts ENA as the authoritative voice for safe practice, safe care in emergency nursing

Advocacy Vision Statement:

Massachusetts ENA is a leading influential voice on emergency healthcare policy and regulatory issues as evidenced by its lead role in direct advocacy at the State House and with other government agencies.


  1. Provide leadership to Massachusetts ENA and its members on all legislative issues impacting the emergency healthcare industry
  2. Expand legislative advocacy through increased presence in the Massachusetts State House
  3. Provide opportunities for more direct member engagement in and knowledge of legislative advocacy through the Government Affairs Committee and educational opportunities
  4. Increase visibility and participation in legislative and advocacy to promote nurse, patient and community safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice
  5. Increase engagement with partners and coalitions to leverage Massachusetts ENA influence over the legislative process

Infrastructure Vision Statement:

Investing in people, technology, and facilities to advance Massachusetts ENA’s mission.


  1. Invest in and implement a technology infrastructure capable of integrating systems that support timely, accurate, and relevant information, helping to reduce manual paperwork, eliminate duplication, and improve efficiency.
  2. Manage expenses and utilization consistent with the objectives and goals
  3. Invest in the development, assessment and recruitment of the appropriate talent to support our vision and align with the National Emergency Nurses Association Strategic Plan